Treat your inflatable spa with bromine: method and dosage

Like the swimming pool, the spa water must be maintained in such a way that it is sanitized from microorganisms that contaminate the water. In addition, filtration, water must be purified by a treatment product. For your spa, we recommend that you favor Bromine, because it is indeed the most suitable jacuzzis for sale for hot water.

If you have a spa with a salt sterilizer, you do not need to treat the spa water. But, if the sterilizer is underused, it will need to be supplemented with a bromine treatment to ensure excellent water sanitation. A regular test of the water will prove the level of chlorine produced by the salt, this allows to analyze if the sterilizer is not used enough. If it is not enough, then you can complete the salt electrolysis by the bromine treatment.

Using bromine in the spa

For most spa users, bromine-based water treatment is generally much less irritating compared to chlorine. This is the reason it is a more popular spa sanitizer, as it is well suited to hot water.

Bromine tablets are calcium-free and can therefore also be used in hard water without extending their consistency. Their preparation in the form of tablets makes them accessible in semi-automatic dispensers, brominators or quite naturally a floating dispenser. Moreover, Bromine tablets reduce the effect on the pH so they will make your water fairly easy to balance.

Indeed, the treatment of water with bromine is fundamental and effective. To maintain excellent water sterilization, check the water well on average once a week. Besides its advantages and, Bromine is especially recommended as an alternative to chlorine for people who are very susceptible or allergic to chlorine because bromine is odorless and non-irritating.

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