You need to test a SPA to love it

Nowadays more and more people want to succumb to the temptation of buying a spa to relax with no need to leave their sweet household. But how to be sure of choosing the product which matches perfectly with the intended use ? How to be sure of choosing the right spa, and what budget is needed to afford a spa at home ? We answer all the questions you have about the spa.

Testing spas

Because we perfectly know that it is not always easy to buy a spa blindly with no testing it before, we provide you a special section entirely dedicated to products testing : indeed we introduced a panel of users-testers, who are in charge of testing at home several kinds of spas. So you will be allowed to benefit from their feedback about the product you are interested in, and make up your mind with full knowledge of the evidence. We also provide you some comparative tests of several products, to help you and guide you for to make your choice. You will also find an online form to fill in if you want to join our panel and become one of our users-testers.


The world of spa is constantly moving : some brand news technologies appear everyday, and the manufacturers are always bending over backwards to provide some modern and luxury products to their customers. Moreover, there is a parralel market which is appearing outside the traditionnal spas : it is especially the case of connected spas, a true revolution in the world of spa. So if you want to be sure of missing nothing about the latest technologies and innovations concerning the spa, please do not hesitate to subscribe our newsletter and consult this section regularly, to stay up to date about the news. Thanks to us, you will become an expert about the spas, and you will be able to share your experience with the community.

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Treat your inflatable spa with bromine: method and dosage

Like the swimming pool, the spa water must be maintained in such a way that it is sanitized from microorganisms that contaminate the water. In addition, filtration, water must be purified by a treatment product. For your spa, we recommend that you favor Bromine, because it is indeed the most suitable jacuzzis for sale for hot water. If you have a spa with a salt sterilizer, you do not need to treat the spa water. But, if the sterilizer is underused, it will need to [...]

Choosing the right spa: questions to ask yourself before buying

Having a spa installed at home is the promise of pleasant moments of relaxation. The options are numerous and very attractive, but the price can quickly climb. Choice of model and equipment, cost of installation, maintenance, price ... A brief overview of the questions to ask yourself to relax in peace. The spa is no longer reserved for hotels, thalassos and other wellness centers. This equipment entirely dedicated to relaxation has made a place of choice at home, [...]

Spas selling price drop

Today, the spa is one of the most popular luxury products. It has more and more followers due to its many benefits but also to the affordability of prices. In recent years, a drop in prices has been noted on the various models of spas, which makes buyers happy. The reasons behind the spa's success with the public The spa is one of the well-being facilities that are very popular with a large audience. The growing popularity of this product is no (spa tub) [...]

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